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How do you… a group of more than 2 ‘friends’ who are always (hanging out) together? 

A facade.

Acting like they have a good bond and will always catch each others back, while they’re always backstabbing/gossiping behind each others back. And the worst is. They all know it about each other, but still keep up this sharade of being good friends. 

If you don’t get what you wish when you pray, it isn’t..

..proof that god doesn’t exist!  

Your loyalty and patience is tested to keep praying. Even when your life is a living hell, you have too many blessings. Your food, your water, your shelter. Even if you don’t have that. You may not have disabilities (wich is also a blessing). Even if you have a disability, you could have other functioning body parts, such as legs or a good pair of eyes. The people who keep praying even when the misery continues, will end up way better on long term than the people that quit praying. Please realise and remember that. I repect all religions. May Allah bless having to repect each others religion.

Plus, you wouldn’t appreciate it if someone is always arrogant and never greets you back and avoids you, but all of a sudden he is way too nice when he needs something from you (like money)? And then again, if you give this person the benefit of the doubt and you help him out and he disses you again. You would never help him again right? Imagine how you make (your) god feel when you only pray in trouble and then you quit. Why would he help you out another time? 

Sincerily yours,

A sunni muslim

The last 10 days of ramadan are coming el hamdulilah..

The last ten days of ramadan are approaching. Those last ten days are very important. It will be appreciated if you do sunna deeds along with the Fard deeds (such as praying Fadjr). 

For all young muslims out there: Allah will appreciate it if you pray 2 rak’at every day these last days out of remorse for all the suffering you ever did to your mother or others you hurt once. 

You can also call someone you are fighting with to apologize for your bad behaviour, even if the other started (this is really hard for me, I will admit).  Don’t consider it lowering yourself to that person, but consider it highering your Imaan! 

As I have repeated in the beginning of ramadan I will repeat again:  If you try your hardest this ramadan, Allah will help you the hardest throughout the whole year. That is if you stay loyal to all the fard things wich make you muslim (praying, fasting, Shahada, Zakaat and Makkah Incha’Allah). 

Ma3a selama, 


Top 3 reasons why you should not have Facebook..

1. If you refuse someone’s  request to become friends, just because you don’t like the fact they will be seeing your profile, they get angry and will bash you, spill secrets, get people who help them doing it in real life and then world war 3 begins.

2. If you delete someone from your friendslist, because their posts annoy you, they think you dissed them and you started to be mean, so a fight starts and world ward 3 comes out.

3. All of the above.. 

Having struggles following the sunna?

Salam, dear Ummah on Tumblr!

As you all know we live in a day and age where following the sunna can be difficult. Especially when you live in the west. And then again, all those haram-things can be so tempty when we are still young. This coming from someone who doesn’t wear hijab yet: I am gonna give you some advice/tips how to keep following the sunna. Here it comes:

- Do you worry about the fact that your daily hairdo will mess up if you go praying? After all, you are gonna have to make you hair wet with Whoodoo (ritual washing) and putting on hijab can also influence your hairdo. Think of how much Allah will strengthen your confidence if you choose to go pray. You can get so strong that you won’t base you self worth on your hairdo/appearance. Offcourse, this will take time. Don’t expect to get a pumped up ego after doing only one prayer.

- Do you have difficulty praying on time (which is one of my biggest problems). Allah will help you each hour of the day if you pray on time. If  you prayed Dohr on time (the afternoon prayer), the chance you will get on time on an important meeting after Dohr is huge, because Allah appreciates the praying on time so much.

- Give the Interest you get from the bank on your bank account to the poor or to the good cause. Allah can reward you with financial stability/ a larger income.

Here is the advice SO FAR. I have my own struggles living as a sunni muslim in the west. I don’t have the courage to wear Hijab in this society yet (where islam is branded evil by the media), but I do cover myself and you won’t see me in swimwear on the beach el hamdulilah!

Sincerily yours,


That awkward moment when someone in school always bullied you or was always looking arrogant towards you and you run into them some years later in some public place and all of a sudden they are all sucking up as if you were always best friends….


If there is a god, then why…

 …is there so much misery in life?

Misery has its benefits, such as:

- having empathy for others who are/ will be in your shoes, so that you can support or help them, wich god/Allah wants! Which makes you a better person..

- Without the lows, you can’t appreciate the highths in your life!

- Your loyalty is tested to keep praying to Allah/god/ other names of god(s). Even if your life is hell on earth, there are always remaining blessings, which makes you required to stay loyal and keep praying. Your food, your home/shelter, your clothes and so on.

If many men with beards are on earth, it doesn’t mean that razers don’t exist. They won’t go to the store/shop and look for them. The misery in life doesn’t mean that god doesn’t exist, maybe people don’t go looking for him by praying and keep praying even when the lows hit.

Sincerily yours, 


Always those same annoying questions and comments from non muslims when ramadan begins. ‘You can’t eat nothing for a whole month? You will die!!’
Ground hog year every year…

Always those same annoying questions and comments from non muslims when ramadan begins. ‘You can’t eat nothing for a whole month? You will die!!’

Ground hog year every year…

When you look Friends up in my private dictionary you will read: a fictional humankind who never drops you and who will always be there for you (better known as humanfiction)…
If you try your hardest to do the best ramadan this year, Allah will help you troughout the whole year.
So call that muslim enemy which you (nearly) hate and apoligize on your behalf, even if it isn’t your fault. Don’t considering it lowering yourself to that person. Consider it highering your Imaan Incha’Allah ameen!